Updated 28th February 2016 – Comment 2015

Dunton Village will be obliterated by ‘Dunton Garden Suburb’
Extracted information from report by Brentwood Gazette, 6th March 2015, with comments.

Edward Cowen, Dunton Community Association chairman, who has lived in the hamlet of Dunton Wayletts for 30 years, argues too many new homes are
being built in London and the South East already: Claims the new development will turn his hamlet into a suburb of Basildon.

With its 6,000 homes, can be increased vastly because of the amount of land Brentwood Borough Council will own. So
instead of talking about 20,000+ people as they did on Essex Radio (with up to 12,000 cars) you could be talking about 30,000+ people (with 18,000 cars)!

Therefore, this is really a NEW TOWN being proposed, not a Garden Suburb. The infrastructure needed to cope is
totally inadequate.

The VILLAGE that can trace its roots back to the Domesday Book will be obliterated if plans for the Dunton Garden Suburb go ahead which will break the mould of green belt protection and “disturb every aspect of life for the area’s current homeowners and those living in the south-east of Essex.”.
He fears every similar location around the capital will be under even more pressure from developers and landowners, mainly
because of London’s problem a lack of houses. You can’t just spread out until the whole South East is covered up and the north is left, with their unemployed! If the industry in the South East is transportable then transport it.

If Manchester had the same kick start as London they would be a lot further ahead. ‘Real buzz’ in the North West, North East and Birmingham and these areas have not been developed. If that starts to develop, people will be drawn there. The burden must be distributed around the UK.

Mr Cowen warned profits involved in the conversion of green belt to residential/commercial use are so great, the building will not stop.


“Traffic going along the A128 into Brentwood, Billericay and into Shenfield onto the A12 is a nightmare. People say
extend the A128 – how can you possibly extend the A128?”
  Also take into account the problems this would cause for the A127 and the Dunton Flyover. “As for the c2c train, by the time it gets to Upminster no-one will be able to get on.
It will be ineffective.”

Further selling points include access to secondary schools in Laindon, Basildon and Brentwood, but not enough availability of places! The M25 is only 4.5 miles away
(ignoring commenting on traffic jams/congestion), whilst Fenchurch Street can be reached in half an hour on train, but not from Dunton Garden Suburb as people will have to drive to Laindon or West Horndon Stations and find a parking space!