Updated 15th April 2016

JOHN BARON MP – March 2016
Advised happy to ask questions of both Basildon and Brentwood Councils.
When it comes to planning matters, an MP’s involvement is extremely limited given that this is a Council issue at the end of the day. This is, after all, one of their key functions – the Council has the difficult task of catering for a growing local population. However, where I get particularly involved is when attempts are made by outside
bodies such as the Planning Inspectorate in Bristol or the Government in Whitehall to force development on local communities. In essence, I try to provide an umbrella to allow our local communities the freedom to decide.

I am supportive of the Council’s need to provide for local population growth. However, I am clear that the Council needs to take into account infrastructure concerns and
ensure that any development is accompanied by appropriate investment in infrastructure at the same time -cash must be on the table!

Just to show how the MP thinks about Greenbelt
The Rt. Hon. Eric Pickles, MP for Brentwood and Ongar, has called on Brentwood Borough Council to extend the
deadline for its Local Development Plan Consultation after hearing concerns raised by the Chairman of West Horndon Parish Council.
“But I did suggest the village could benefit from allowing eight or nine hundred homes to be built, because they could include infrastructure such as a new GP surgery, improved road layouts and smaller properties so people wishing to downsize could stay in the village.

In 2014/5, Councillor Barry Aspinell, Liberal Democrat, leader of Brentwood Borough Council, ward Pilgrims Hatch: Aware of the backlash of people living in West Horndon, who rejected the Tory
candidate at the last borough election because of plans for 1,500 homes in the village is quoted as saying, “That is why we listened to the consultation, we
realised a council seat was lost over that and we are not going down the same silly road.”

He also claims this development will have the least effect on Brentwood Residents.

Brentwood’s Tory leader, Councillor Louise McKinlay
Quote: Questioned what Cllr Aspinell meant by a “meaningful” development. She said: “This was a place put forward to me a few months ago but now I’m hearing numbers of 8,000 – that seems more like a new town, a garden city. Asked “Where is the
detail? ” But where does it stop?

Councillor Philip Baker, Brentwood First, Chair of Planning & Development Committee  ward Shenfield: (Stood down May 2015)
On BBC Essex, 2014/5, stated People do not realise this area even belongs to Brentwood as is over the other side of the A128/A127 and  stated/indicated:
1) Size/area of land not known. (It is in reports!)
2) One particular family ownership of Brentwood site.
3) Travellers due to government want integration.
4) Local communities have to understand: – though not wanting
Incursions on Green Belt & Local Commons, delivering this site it will not happen! He does not consider land Green Belt!
5) Asked about population of 20,000: Replied it is desirable area, What should we do Move to Carlisle, Yorkshire Moors.
6) Tories lost power because they wanted to build at West Horndon.
People do not realise this area even belongs to Brentwood as is over the other side of the B186/A127.

Councillor Philip Mynott, Liberal Democrat, Vice-Chair Brentwood Planning and Development Control Committee,  ward Brentwood North: On March 12th 2015 at a meeting at James Hornsby School held by the action group RAID,  used
scaremongering tactics to push for
development at Dunton, indicating if not agreed Government would force through

Others spoke on this point but did not try to intimidate anyone, just explain system.
He was asked about inaccuracies in Brentwood’s report of January 2015, he indicated the report was out of date and
‘further information is forthcoming’!
The same phrase as that of Councillor Philip Baker, Brentwood First, had been using.
One wondered if this was a throwaway comment to appease residents concerns, though does not mean any useful information will be provided!
PLEASE NOTE: 2016 reports still contain same inaccuracies as previous reports.

2015 – Cllr Alan Kingsford, Herongate and Ingrave Parish Council chairman
CONCERNED residents in Ingrave, Herongate and Hutton have hit out at the borough council, claiming they were not aware of a key consultation for the borough’s Local Development Plan, which has finished, into where 5,500 houses should be built.
But according to Herongate and Ingrave Parish Council chairman Alan Kingsford, despite promises of a letter, villagers only became aware of the key document around a week ago. He said the issue was first raised in a meeting with Brentwood Borough Council leader, Councillor Barry Aspinell, in the first week of January. “I raised the question about the letter. We were aware that every resident would get a letter about the consultation papers and I said that no-one has
received it.
“He said ‘we have got problems with printing. He said they would be sent out the following Friday.
“The following week I had to meet him again and the question was raised and he said ‘it’s all going to be going out with the Brentwood Borough Bulletin’, which I had not heard of. And that was it. We waited and waited.” The council-created Borough Bulletin did reportedly contain information about the consultation, telling people to visit the council website. But Cllr Kingsford said it was not received by villagers. He said: “The letter says ‘go on the internet to view the document’ and Cllr Aspinell said ‘well if they cannot use the internet, then use the library’. “He said ‘they can go to Brentwood or Shenfield’.
One can see from this Councillor Barry Aspinell is economical with the truth. He obviously appears to say one thing and do another.