How councils select areas to build NEW HOMES


  1.  They list most/all sites to give impression that these various areas are being considered!
  2. Obviously if any major problems those sites will not be built on, unless political bias!
  3.  Where to build then becomes subjective:
    (one of the definitions is: placing excessive emphasis on one’s own moods, attitudes, opinions, etc.; unduly egocentric).
    (a) Some Sites are then immediately discounted but the reasons may not be pertinent/relevant. (NO REASONABLE REASON GIVEN).
    (b) Informed Councillors have an input and therefore, those sites discounted.
    (c) Even if a site, therefore, is less suitable than many others it may well be included in the Local Development Plan by Basildon and/or Brentwood Borough Councils.
    You can then consider the facts and make up your own mind as to the following whether councillors are approving: (i) The best buiding sites
    (ii) Protecting their own areas (iii) Making decisions for votes (iv) Making decisions due to pressure etc.