How councils select areas to build NEW HOMES


  1.  They list most/all sites to give impression that these various areas are being considered!
  2. Obviously if any major problems those sites will not be built on, unless political bias!
  3.  Where to build then becomes subjective:
    (one of the definitions is: placing excessive emphasis on one’s own moods, attitudes, opinions, etc.; unduly egocentric).
    (a) Some Sites are then immediately discounted but the reasons may not be pertinent/relevant. (NO REASONABLE REASON GIVEN).
    (b) Informed Councillors have an input and therefore, those sites discounted.
    (c) Even if a site, therefore, is less suitable than many others it may well be included in the Local Development Plan by Basildon and/or Brentwood Borough Councils. 
    .You can then consider the facts and make up your own mind as to the following whether councillors are approving:

    (i) The best buiding sites
    (ii) Protecting their own areas
    (iii) Making decisions for votes
    (iv) Making decisions due to pressure etc.

COUNCILS should properly consider all areas of their distict/borough and make the facts available in full, so every resident is able to make their own decision, without manipulation.


1) To find out relevant information or
2) To support their comments/arguments to achieve a certain conclusion.

Is it easy to FABRICATE REPORTS? Simple answer ‘YES’.
What does one mean by Fabrication: Make untruthful statements &/or not corresponding with fact or reality.
How can this be done one asks, Answer ‘EASY':
(i) You employ a firm/company/organisation (ii) You give them your instructions and tell them what you want to achieve (iii) You only supply the information you want them to know (iv) Ensure that do not supply information in order they can carry out the relevant checks that what you supply is accurate (helps by not advising them how to) (v) When you receive the draft report send back with suggested amendments (may supply inaccurate information in support) and this can be done several times
(vi) Accept Final Report when backs up what you want to achieve, even if facts have been; Manipulated, Falsified or Omitted.

a) No NEW Train Station ever really considered or envisaged.
b) BRENTWOOD REPORTS: ( just 5 examples – You decide if reports FABRICATED on these points alone)!
(bi) No comment regarding Major Gas PIPE_LINE
and how will be dealt with to ensure never any problems. NOT ONLY should Brentwood Council state they have done ALL relevant research but ALSO confirm they are absolutely positive that any development will be perfectly SAFE & RISK FREE.
When you read their reports they give the impression that the best area for development is DUNTON HILLS GARDEN VILLAGE (Previously Dunton Garden Suburb) as places like ‘PILGRIMS HATCH’ are the the worst. This has proven to be TOTALLY FALSE as their CHIEF ENVIRONMENTAL OFFICER has stated, ‘No problems with
air quality at ‘PILGRIMS HATCH’, in fact appears the best area for 2,300 New Homes (as put forward in one of their reports, when accurately amended)!
(biii) Omitted
any reference to superb Greenfield Sites and other areas North of A12.
(biv) Infrastructure List what people want to read about but have little or no intention of providing in the forseeable future. Knowing what maybe provided will be totally
(bv) Know area is a critical drainage area and not suitable for development which they describe as fenland, likely to flood but then leave problem for
developers, residents and water authorities. Brentwood Council do state, ‘They will provide water features’!
Also mention likely water and soil contamination.


The people who complete the reports on the council’s behalf normally include a disclaimer, either same as or similar to the following: Report ‘based on the conditions
encountered and the information available during the said period of time. The scope of this Report and the services are accordingly factually limited by these circumstances’.
Then further disclaimer(s) as appropriate.
Therefore, ALL information provided may not have been verified, not necessarily accurate depending on information supplied and some information omitted as not supplied.
Also information on the best site(s) to develop probably not supplied, so the outcome of the report(s) supports the council’s decisions, whether or not the best areas to develop for housing.