Updated 26th March 2018

Is accurately measured by Diffusion Tubes or by installation of an automatic analyser   (They are used to measure – Annual mean nitrogen dioxide results in ugm-3) which Brentwood Borough Council are responsible in obtaining.
NOT comparative modelling – As councils appear can doctor the figures, as seen from Brentwood’s Reports alone which appear to show the lack of accuracy.

In Brentwood’s reports the air quality shown appears deliberate totally inaccurate, to give a false impression.
This has a major bearing on where to build New Homes.
In 2018 stated Fortune-of-War has pollution levels higher than recommended, by Basildon Council as reported in local newspapers.

NOTE: DUNTON AIR QUALITY  (Not measured for over 12 years) – In February 2017 advised not measured by Diffusion Tubes, so how can Brentwood reports comment on this vital issue; Answer – give an opinion without factual information.

On March 12th at James Hornsby School a meeting was held by the action group RAID. At this meeting Councillor Philip Mynott, Liberal Democrat, Vice-Chair Brentwood Planning and Development Control Committee, was asked about inaccuracies in their
report of January 2015, he indicated the report was out of date and ‘further information is forthcoming’!
The same phrase as that of Councillor Philip Baker, Brentwood First, Chairman of that committee has been using.
Appears this was a throwaway comment to appease residents.

Under this obtained information from Brentwood Council of where to look for information, on which decisions were made. On page 26 of their report regarding Air Quality it lists areas that they want considered for development.
However, upon checking the basis for this they do not appear to have used the same baseline.

PLEASE NOTE:           Advised Brentwood Council is responsible for monitoring, or lack of!

When checking the website to see the data it is noticeable that some is way out of date.

LET US COMPARE 2 AREAS in their report
Pilgrims Hatch where mainly/ALL the proposed development is not on top of the A12 & Dunton which is on top of the A127.

1. PILGRIMS HATCH (RED 5 the worst,  – Significant Negative Effects) TOTALLY INACCURATE
Proposed development of 2,300 homes.
But if accurate figures used, Pilgrims Hatch air quality appears is the best of all areas and development there of New Homes would be in great demand and raise peoples expectations.
SHENFIELD has similar benefits to Pilgrims Hatch.

AIR QUALITY TESTS NEEDED, 2 diffusion tubes, on the A127 at Dunton and A128/A127 Junction.
If same as A12 then at least one diffusion tube should be on Bridge at A127/A128 Junction.

In their report they may have been looking at one particular area in vicinity of A12, with a level of 97 in 2014, whereas the proposed development is away from this monitoring station.
Brentwood Chief Environmental Health Manager advised no problems for Air Quality at PILGRIMS HATCH.
Monitoring stations actually in Pilgrims Hatch show a level of 42 – 46 and Doddinghurst Road 28 (the lowest of all areas) in 2014.

2. DUNTON (1 Gold Star) the best – Proposed development of 6,000 homes – If the same baseline was used DUNTON would be the either the same as Pilgrims Hatch or far worse!

When checking website the last monitoring was done in 2003, air quality now at the proposed Dunton Hills Garden Village (Town) development maybe worse, than Pilgrims Hatch!
With the amount of vehicles on the road, besides traffic jams (from Dunton to the M25), must be far higher.

Also in Brentwood’s report states ‘For Pilgrims Hatch it seems likely that a new community would be vehicle orientated, leading to significant negative effects in terms of air quality’.
The same actually applies to Dunton as it would be vehicle orientated.
Taking into account for both areas:
Dunton & Pilgrims Hatch,  both being vehicular orientated where most of the new homes could be built,  using accurate information,
the figures may read, PILGRIMS HATCH (1 Gold Star) the best, DUNTON (RED 5 the worst, significant negative effects)!

Air quality tests needs to be done, on the A127 at Dunton and A127/A128 Junction, with proper monitoring stations, though understand they can do comparative modelling but this is no real substitute for using accurate equipment.
Then accurate up to date figures will be known, allowing accurate comparisons to be made.

It makes one wonder how they came up with the statements in their reports!
It appears that  Brentwood Borough Council are being economical with the truth (WE KNOW THERE ARE INACCURACIES/MISSING INFORMATION), by not having up to date accurate information on ALL their major roads (M25, A12, A128, A1023, A129 and A127) in last 10 years in some areas no monitoring at all, so no
comparison can be made and stated preferred development options!
So where they
indicate an area is good can in fact be worse than all the other areas.

Understand that reason being one area could have say 10,000 cars passing an hour but another with 5,000 in traffic jams could be worse.
So when REPORTS completed they appear to have been working on outdated or lack of information.

As can be seen on page 27 of their report they give DUNTON (1 Gold Star) the best taking into account air quality. However, expect taking into account the above, would prove the opposite by accurate monitoring and be worse than Pilgrims Hatch.

Taking into account the above regarding AIR QUALITY  then DUNTON would have a far lower rating regarding CLIMATE CHANGE MITIGATION &
COMMUNITY and WELLBEING which includes opinions/assumptions that are if, maybe’s etc.

They also state the infrastructure would be funded through developer contributions but as stated at the meeting at James Hornsby School this may well not be the case.