Referred to as DUNTON (Basildon Council) or DUNTON GARDEN SUBURB (Joint)or DUNTON HILLS GARDEN VILLAGE (Brentwood Council)(Greenbelt Site).
Also referred to as – West Basildon Urban Extension (Green Belt to the west of Laindon)

  1. Home
    Includes details of recent updates
  2. Basildon Council
    Gives up to date proposals of Council and raises major problems
  3. Brentwood Council
    To be updated
  4. Brentwood proposed sites 2015/6
    Gives Table showing best areas for development. Inaccuracies amended e.g. After speaking to their Chief Environmental Health Officer
  5. Councillors Comments
    Gives details of what MPs and Councillors have said or written
  6. Dunton v Pilgrims Hatch
    Compares the 2 areas with Brentwood’s report amended for inaccuracies.  Best development area Pilgrims Hatch
  7. Dunton Village
    Comments in 2015 from Brentwood Gazette – Edward Cowen, Dunton Community Association chairman
  8. Environment
    Air Quality, Waste, Flooding etc.
  9. Infrastructure
    SEE also – Headings – Brentwood Council & Brentwood Council
  10. Lower Thames Crossing
    Highways England options – Option 3 best for A127
  11. Comments/Objections 2016
    How to comment and/or object
  12. Raid & Planning
    Meeting Dates and Council details
  13. Reports
    Comments on 2015 & 2016 reports
  14. Conclusion

    If either Basildon Borough Council or Brentwood Borough Council disagree
    with any of the facts on this website then please publish the details
    in all Friday editions of the Evening Echo’s, then everyone can make up there own mind!