Updated 17th February 2017

Adviesed still waiting for decision to be made.

The crossing should easily be paid for by the Tolls of the Dartford River Crossing, with the profits used over many years for major road projects, mainly in Kent.

NOTE: Consultation closed on Thursday 24 March 2016.

Highways website – http://www.lower-thames-crossing.co.uk/

There are 3 Lower Thames Options and the one that will adversely affect the A127 is ROUTE 4 (Note: Whilst the Highways England say Route 3 is preferred, you cannot trust them as was proved when Graham Dalton was in charge of the Highways Agency).
Informed Jim Osullivan, CEO, now in charge of Highways England.
Should it be 2 or 4 lanes each way
(If 2 then will they need to increase)!
Look at Dartford started as two 2 lane Tunnels, then built QEII Bridge so could have 4 lanes each way (which allows for maintenance by either closing one tunnel, part of or all of bridge at off peak times).

Highways England is consulting on options for a Lower Thames Crossing; a new road crossing of the River Thames connecting Kent and Essex.
They say a new crossing is needed to reduce congestion at the Dartford Crossing and unlock economic growth, supporting the development of homes and jobs in the region.
Their options are near the existing crossing at Dartford and further East and their findings are the subject of this consultation.
Whether they will take any notice is anyones guess!

Highways assessment has led to their proposal which is a tunnel under the Thames located east of Gravesend and Tilbury. They say have identified three possible route
options north of the river, and two south of the river, which would connect to the new crossing.  Also state identified which of these options make up our proposed route.

View the consultation booklet (6MB PDF).

Consultation closed on Thursday 24 March 2016.

 Find out more about the Lower Thames Crossing: -If you are unable to attend one of these events, download their guides and factsheets from their
consultation website or pick copies up at a convenient location.

 From their website:

Phone -Get in touch by calling

0300 123 5000
Send your response -Completed questionnaires can be sent by freepost to the following address (you do not need a stamp):
Lower Thames Crossing Consultation
PO Box 1188, Harrow