RAID & PLANNING – 2016 Consultations ended

Updated 15 April 2016

RAID (Residents Against Inappropriate Developments – was Dunton Garden Suburb Group) action group
Refer to their websites and read their information at and


2016 BASILDON COUNCIL’s proposal – Referred to as DUNTON (was DUNTON GARDEN SUBURB) - (Greenbelt Site).

2016 BRENTWOOD COUNCIL’s proposal – Referred to as  DUNTON HILLS GARDEN VILLAGE (was DUNTON GARDEN SUBURB)(Greenbelt Site). No details or infrastructure)!

BASILDON BOROUGH COUNCILS – Draft Local Plan Exhibition – 2016
They are running ten public exhibitions around the Borough and state Council Planning Officers will be on hand.
Summary leaflets, including comment forms for you to take away: –

BASILDON BOROUGH COUNCIL 2016 Consultation ended 24th March for comments &/or Objections when every one in the family can object/comment, that has a separate E/mail account of any age.

Planning have advised when questioned about, maintenance, extra staff costs etc. e.g. Schools, Hospitals that they rely on in 15 years’ time people aged 3 will be working and paying taxes: -
• Whether they will be working is open to question, as many likely will be either in education still or unemployed.
• If paying taxes will only be a little as on low pay.
• Any taxes collected go into a central pot and in most cases the amount paid will be totally insufficient to pay for the up keep of this NEW TOWN
There will be a definite shortfall period of several/many years and even in time insufficient money will be paid, so council will have to put up council tax (if they have not already) to pay for councils error of judgement.

BRENTWOOD BOROUGH COUNCIL – Consultation ended 23rd MARCH 2016