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Do Councils build in the best areas —— where there is the greatest demand or do Councillors make decisions for votes &/or personal interest?

Whilst we object to development of Greenbelt, we note that there will always be some but they MUST be supported by fully substantiated reasons, which at present are not forthcoming.
Brentwoods proposed development is completely unjustified at Dunton as proven when you read below.

1) READ — BRENTWOOD Councillor Barry Aspinell‘s Politically Motivated comments, Under Heading ‘Councillors Comments’ taken FROM —
Essex Live News article 10th January 2017
(Appears they removed article from their website after added to ours!)

2) LOWER THAMES CROSSING – Decision made April 2017 : See under its own page heading.

3) It is disappointing that whilst we understand  BASILDON BOROUGH COUNCIL oppose BRENTWOOD BOROUGH COUNCILS proposed development which Brentwood call ‘Dunton Hills garden Village’ described by one of their own councillors as a ‘Garden City’, it is only conditional, until Brentwood prove they will ensure the correct infrastructure! THIS WILL of course NEVER HAPPEN!


  • BRENTWOOD COUNCIL will have ALL FINANCIAL BENEFITS: Millions of pounds from government, besides Council taxes and other grants.
  • Basildon Councillors made aware, taking no action means:
    ALL COSTS and the financial burden due to lack of or no real infrastructure will fall on Basildon District and its residents, year on year, with increased council taxes accordingly and/or fewer services.
  • BASILDON COUNCIL MUST TAKE ACTION recommending Brentwood Council develop North Brentwood and North of A12
    (including greenfield sites in these areas) , as their reports would prove if accurately amended.
    Currently BRENTWOOD’s Reports have been deliberately manipulated to justify their POLITICALLY MOTIVATED decision to build DHGV. in an area THEY CONSIDER IS NOT IN Brentwood District and is Fenland (Unsuitable).
    SEE point 1 below regarding: 3 Brentwood Councillors comments which proves that DUNTON is not considered to be part of Brentwood District.
    Also read Barry Aspinell’s 2017 comments UNDER PAGE heading COUNCILLORS COMMENTS.

The whole of DUNTON, therefore, should be under Basildon Council control and NO NEW HOMES ever built.


THIS BRINGS INTO QUESTION BASILDON COUNCILs proposed development at DUNTON, especially as no new or insufficient infrastructure proposed.

On speaking to government institutions/departments it is beginning to appear that there are no safeguards for residents and councils can proceed with unethical developments.


Do Councils build in the best areas —— where there is the greatest demand or do Councillors make decisions for votes &/or personal interest?

They should be recommending Brentwood Council develop North Brentwood and North of A12, as their reports would prove if accurately amended.

THE FOLLOWING comments/allegations have been made by various residents and official(s).
Also content comes from the Basildon and Brentwood Council, relying on the best information supplied & reports, amended to contain factual information.


(Fairness, Common Sense and Justice for all, not just to benefit certain councillors of one council area),
and certainly not to the detriment of any other council area and its residents.

When you speak to Brentwood planning they do not answer questions, only refer you to Brentwood’s reports which are not factually completely accurate.

DUNTON (Basildon)

Also referred to as – West Basildon Urban Extension (Green Belt to the West of Laindon)

– (Greenbelt Sites) –

Note: DUNTON GARDEN SUBURB – ended: Advised joint proposal ended as Brentwood Borough Council had not carried out comparable studies to Basildon Borough Council to determine it was a suitable location for development


Brentwood Borough Councils – POLITICALLY MOTIVATED proposal
will create:


of 3,500 new homes to start with, then increase to 6,000 + New Homes, plus Gypsy & Traveller pitches.
(Creating a New Town of 20,000 – 30,000 people & up to 12,000 vehicles)

As intended, not a village but Brentwood consider South of A127 is OUT OF (Brentwood Districts) AREA and describe Dunton as Fenland.
NOTE: In 1985 a New Town with 5,100 houses and far more infrastructure was proposed in Thurrock but was rejected.

SEE heading ‘DUNTON New Town compared to NEW COUNTRY TOWN’.

Brentwood want to start with building 2,500 new homes at (DHGV) (over 45% of their 5,500 allocation and If you take West Horndon also into account this rises to over 55% of new homes South of the A127 which they consider OUT OF (Brentwood Districts) AREA) besides Gypsy & Traveller pitches,
then build 1,000 more New Homes 
(Then increase further) and more Gypsy & Traveller pitches.
(This is in addition to Basildon which wants to start with building 1,000 New Homes & later further 1,350 New Homes, plus Gypsy & Traveller pitches).

Understand Brentwood can then increase size of town, by up to 50%, due to the land it will own!

Is DUNTON a suitable site to build New Homes + Gypsy/Travellers Pitches?

Brentwood Borough Council describes this area as Fenland: Meaning a low and marshy or frequently flooded area of land/covered by shallow water meaning this site is totally unsuitable for development, but then the councils can give permission without the necessary proper drainage and water installation facilities works to be carried out.

Dunton (DHGV) is the WORST area in Brentwood reports, if accurately amended & missing information added,
which also indicates Soil/Water Contamination and Flooding!

The cost to overcome water/soil contamination and Flooding appears to mean this site is totally unviable,
but then the council can give permission without the necessary proper drainage and water installation facilities/works to be carried out.
No sewage works otherwise like the other side of Basildon bad smells will then occur!

1. Let us consider 3 Brentwood Councillors comments:

Councillor Philip Mynott, Liberal Democrat, when Vice-Chair of Planning & Development Committee in 2015, stated when asked about inaccuracies in Brentwood’s report of January 2015 at James Hornsby School meeting in March 2015, indicated the report was out of date and ‘further information is forthcoming’!  Same as the chairman had stated previously.
In fact in 2016 the same reports had not been updated, as discussed with planning.

Councillor Philip Mynott also stated,“Jumped on bandwagon when learning of Basildon Council’s proposal at Dunton”.

Councillor Philip Baker commented on BBC Essex radio when he was Brentwood First, Chair of Planning & Development Committee, ward Shenfield: Stating, “People do not realise this area even belongs to Brentwood as is over the other side of the A128/A127”.   Also stated when Asked about population of 20,000 at this site: Replied “It is desirable area, what should we do Move to Carlisle, Yorkshire Moors” another throwaway comment.

Councillor Barry Aspinell, Liberal Democrat, when leader of Brentwood Borough Council, ward Pilgrims Hatch: Claimed ‘This development will have the least effect on Brentwood Residents’.

In 2014/5, Councillor Barry Aspinell, Liberal Democrat, then leader of Brentwood Borough Council, ward Pilgrims Hatch: Aware of the backlash of people living in West Horndon, who rejected the Tory candidate at the last borough election because of plans for 1,500 homes in the village is quoted as saying, “That is why we listened to the consultation, we realised a council seat was lost over that and we are not going down the same silly road.”
He also claimed this development here will have the least effect on Brentwood Residents!  RESULTED in far less houses proposed, as already scared the residents to accept without any objections.

The above comments prove the councils political motives, with financial benefits for them
and the burden falling on Basildon to the detriment of its residents

2. Brentwood Borough Council consider Dunton & West Horndon not in Brentwood District – OUT of AREA and so for VOTES

Expect few or no objections as no-one on site to object, only make a profit.
Keeps Brentwood’s house prices up, especially in the North of the District and therefore, will rise faster as far less development.
Plus not affect Greenbelt land in the North which they do consider as part of Brentwood’s area.

  • WEST HORNDON – Reduced proposed number of New Homes at latter when they lost the parties councillor, see Councillor Barry Aspinell’s comment in 1 above.

  • DUNTON (South of A127 – East of A128) Brentwood Borough Council is using all means to develop a large area of land they do not consider part of Brentwood Boroughs District.

As Brentwood do not consider above is in their District the BOUNDARY COMMISION for ENGLAND must be contacted to have at least Dunton transferred to Basildon Borough Council. See point 1 above, Brentwood Councillors comments. 

3. Brentwood Councils Reports:

Brentwood’s reports do not appear to be up to the required professional standard expected, as are prepared by major businesses.
Understand that Brentwood’s 2016 reports are just a re-hash of their 2015 reports which still contain: Totally Inaccurate details/facts (alleged deliberate); Misinformation or have vital information missing!

There are other inaccuracies in their reports.

e.g. In reports On page 10 point 6.2.7 (http://www.brentwood.gov.uk/pdf/12022016101306u.pdf )
Sustainability Appraisal (SA) of the Brentwood Local Plan (February 2016) by AECOM).— Totally Inaccurate Information – E.g. Option 4 – PILGRIMS HATCH should read ONE GOLD STAR not as Red 5 significant negative effect for Air Quality as confirmed by the diffusion tubes (air quality measuring) and Brentwood’s Chief Environmental Health Manager and other details ALSO inaccurate.
All Reports cannot, therefore, be trusted as like the Councils 2015 & 2016 reports twist/manipulate actual facts as they have ulterior motive.

One can see what Brentwood think of Dunton by approving a WIND TURBINE in March 2015 next to Basildon site, described as a “blot on the landscape”, Ugly and Noisy (Constant droning sound)!

ºNew Homes
Taking their own reports into consideration the Best areas in Brentwood to build developments (with inaccuracies amended) with actual excellent AIR QUALITY,
INFRASTRUCTURE (e.g. Crossrail), job opportunities and other superb features are at
These areas in Brentwood should be rated as ONE GOLD STAR*, after speaking to their Environmental Officer!
Developing North of A12 even if new junction required would mean further developments in the future available, as vast area and be in great demand.
New Homes are wanted by Brentwood Residents in these areas
would assist in making homes more affordable and keep families together, and raise people’s
expectations, but politically are not wanted (Votes, where certain people live – keep up rises in house prices etc.).


Brentwood Council appear determined to Develop Dunton the WORST area in their reports, if accurately amended as Councillors consider:
OUT OF (Brentwood Districts) AREA!

ºAir Quality
To say reports are fictitious is an understatement. Some have been amended to give false impressions.
e.g. DUNTON air quality not measured for well over 12 years, so how can Brentwood Council accurately comment! If inaccurately shown like another Brentwood area would be RED 5 the worst!
Yet in reports claim the air quality at Dunton is better than all of the Brentwood area (TOTALLY UNTRUE). This can be proven by factual documentation and Brentwood should supply theirs for examination.
In fact PILGRIMS HATCH described as RED 5, worst possible rating, should be 1*GOLD STAR, confirmed by their Chief Environmental Health Manager and stated no problems.. Other areas should also be One Gold Star.

Also in Brentwood’s report states ‘For Pilgrims Hatch it seems likely that a new community would be vehicle orientated, leading to significant negative effects in terms of air quality’. The same actually applies to Dunton as it would be vehicle orientated.

ºCommunity & Wellbeing
A great deal of conjecture/opinions not based on actual facts.  Infrastructure not currently any planned and any that may take place may well be sometime in the future e.g. Schools not until after 2031, if at all!  No local health centre just rely on surrounding areas. There is much more one can write on this feature in reports.

Excellent in Brentwood and have Crossrail both of which they promote, when it suits them.
10th February 2017 – Spoke to planning at Brentwood Borough Council –
No infrastructure advised at all - still being considered as have no idea after 2 years!  No decisions as not sure how development will proceed!
They must know and evaluated number of people to live their but then they are not sure when/what/if any infrastructure will be provided.  Advised some considered after 2031!
They know how many homes to be built and further increases intended.
Planning advise No Schools until after 2034 currently planned and then when! Brentwood expect children to be bused/driven to existing schools in Landon/Basildon and a few to Brentwood.

ºSoil & Water contaminationBiodiversityHousing& Various other headings
Once again details either omitted or amended to show the results that BBC require.
E.g. (i) Risk of flooding and Surface water omitted & (ii) Water contamination likely, is omitted but this would then make site unviable! Just a couple of examples.
They mentioned ‘Water Features’ which probably means have a large area (Pond or Lake) to take excess water! Area actually would need expensive drainage system making it uneconomical.
When you look at the facts and check relevant official information you find that details contained in the reports are not what they appear.


Any building development at DUNTON must be perfectly safe and risk free, advising how the following problems will be overcome to ensure none of them ever occur/never happens!
Probably the finance needed would make sites unviable from the possibility of a NIGHTMARE SCENARIO with MAJOR SITE PROBLEMS now or in the future:
(e) GRIDLOCK (e.g. A127)
MAY MEAN HIGHER INSURANCE PREMIUMS or if any of (a) – (d) happen – NO INSURANCE available!

BRENTWOOD BOROUGH COUNCIL planning do not answer questions, they refer you to read reports.
They describe site at DUNTON as FENLAND (Meaning a low and marshy or frequently flooded area of land/covered by shallow water meaning this site is totally unsuitable).

It appears only wish to be re-active considering these problems if/when arise, not pro-active ensuring none of these problems arise.
The cost to overcome water/soil contamination and Flooding effectively alone, probably means this site would be totally unviable but then Brentwood Council appear not to have even considered, on speaking to planning!

GAS PIPELINE at DUNTON – Is it safe & risk free?
15th March 2016 – Link to article in the ECHO
http://www.echo- news.co.uk/news/14329667.Could_major_underground_gas_pipe_scupper_plans_for_a_2_000_home_Basildon_suburb_/One wonders why details about this gas pipeline was this not disclosed, though appears obvious.
Read article in Yellow Advertiser dated Friday 18th March 2016 on page 3.

ROADS – GRIDLOCK (e.g. A127)

Brentwood Borough Council state they only deal with local roads and roads like the A127 are not their concern:
Even if their proposal seriously adversely effects residents/motorists anywhere e.g. congestion, Traffic Jams and/or near Gridlock,
including when
accidents occur (which causes queues  mile after mile, plus seriously effecting local roads ). 

They state these are Essex County Councils problem and are already aware that the A127 is overloaded, with these events even now occuring.

Advised A127 and other major roads are not in reports as are Essex County Councils responsibility.

Even the leader of Havering council in 2015 expressed major concern over the increased Traffic congestion alone on the A127. 


The burden will fall on Basildon for services e.g. Schools, Health, Transport, Roads etc. and Brentwood Borough Council will save on costs, while residents in Basildon will suffer.

Basildon Council MUST stop Brentwood Borough Council’s unethical development plans to build over 55% of their housing requirements South of A127, 45% at Dunton and 10% at West Horndon, (which Brentwood consider is NOT in their DISTRICT),  as quoted by Councillors and in the media.

ONLY ACTION NOT WORDS will stop Brentwood’s proposed development: -

  • Call on ALL councillors and MPs to oppose this development.
  • Set up an impartial committee to deal with Brentwood’s inaccurate reports and prove best areas for development are in fact North Brentwood & North of A12 e.g. Pilgrims Hatch etc.
    Obtaining ALL documentation/authorities from Brentwood Borough Council:
    As Brentwood Borough Council insist their reports are accurate and have nothing to hide then six months before the planning inspectorate are involved, paper copies, of all information, documentation and communications (letters, emails, notes, etc.), including minutes of meetings, reports, backups and access to the deleted emails etc. plus provide the appropriate authorities to contact all third parties to supply all requested information and anyone the council have dealt with and be able to speak to them) to be provided to Basildon Borough Council, to be dealt with by a committee. Then can also deal with Brentwood’s proposal at the Planning Inspectorate if they still push forward with this unethical development. development.
  • Lead campaign and make application for a Boundary Change so at least ALL of DUNTON comes under Basildon Control, as Brentwood Borough Council do not consider Dunton part of Brentwood District.


The discrepancy between Basildon building 15,260 new homes and Brentwood only 5,500 is totally unfair, appears based on unfair rules/statistical information.

BRENTWOOD COUNCIL expect site to be vehicle orientated, sames as Pilgrims Hatch AS STATED IN REPORTS, leading to significant negative effects in terms of air quality.
As of now NO INFRASTUCTURE planned.

Children expected to use Public Transport or be driven to schools, mainly in Laindon or Basildon with perhaps some to Brentwood as advised by their
planning department,  as no new schools planned before 2034.

Brentwood (Boast 6th in the Country for Greenbelt) has many superior areas,  no great cost in developing, especially in the North of the District and North of A12 with excellent infrastructure, job opportunities, superb transport links (including Crossrail) and air quality, plus promote to attract new businesses until it
appears it comes to housing development.

Where to build NEW HOMES see point 3 above – Brentwood Councils Reports under New Homes.
Dunton is described as the worst area to build using accurate information amending Brentwood Councils reports.

The highest professional standards are expected from everyone concerned but perhaps expectations, especially from BRENTWOOD COUNCIL, are too high!
Basildon planning answer questions, whereas Brentwood planning direct you just to reports, whether or not they contain the information!

Open government is vitally important in order to ensure no manipulation by the few, for the few!

No development should even be considered at Dunton until professional report(s) fully resolves all issues, with ‘t’s crossed and ‘i’s dotted,

Understand Essex Wildlife Trust is also against DUNTON LOSS of GREENBELT, plus its Biodiversity by proposed development.

If this unethical development proceeds against Common Sense, REPORTS WITH ACTUAL REAL FACTS, Logical Objections, the inappropriate development of this Fenland proceeds due to political bias, then ALL Monies, Grants etc. (Including funds paid by the government for New Homes) must be paid to Basildon Borough Council for the building of the New Homes as the burden will never fall on BBC, only Basildon.

From the above and taking Brentwood’s reports into account there is no other option than to find their proposed development is just politically motivated.

PLEASE NOTE: NEW FACEBOOK page 8th April 2016.  2017 to be updated – awaiting replies


ALSO  – PLEASE SUPPORT – Action Group – RAID (See under heading RAID & PLANNING